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5W high power uv leds-A20

5W high power uv leds-A20
  • Model:TH-UV365P5WE-A20
  • Brand:TH / TIANHUI
  • Price:

5W high power uv leds

A20 Package

Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltdis an early and professional UV LED manufacturer engaging in UV LEDs with the complete series of products, the stable quality and the competitive prices.


Our products are widely applied in banknote counting & detecting, fake notes preventing & distinguishing, sterilization, leakage test, selection, medical care, curing, mosquito killing, and other fields.




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Skype: anderson1989614

Tel:  +86-(0)756-6986060

Mobile Phone: +86-13427796406 Anderson Qu



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